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I was going to upload my only completed game, well my only completed program, to my gd webspace. But when I tried to upload it, firefox stayed at 'sending request' for a few minutes so being the impatient type, I gave up. I'm sorry but I will have to deprive you of the umptieth clone of Pong.

Now I've started working on a tetris clone, this time I'm gonna try to make it object oriented. It was coming along quite nicely but I've hit a roadblock, probably quite trivial to most of you guys. Originally I was gonna ask here to see how I can solve the problem, but I reckon i'll try to get the solution by myself. That way I'll learn and hopefully it'll stick. Also i like solving problems, makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes..kinda...ok maybe not.

So I'm pretty much a newb, but I hope to get a few decent games released before starting uni next year, just to pad out my portfolio a bit.

Edit: I can't believe in all my time googling I never found https://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/showfaq.asp?forum_id=10 .
Very helpful for all those small questions, gonna keep it here for safe keeping.
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