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Here we go again...

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Well it's real simple I guess...for the last year I've been doing a lot of hardcore J2EE stuff and havent been able to do anything game development related except CG artwork.

Now that things have begun to settle down at work and I'v established myself as a psuedo team lead. Looks like I just might be able to get back to my studies over at Game Institute.

So instead of trying to create a game (at least for right now). I'll just chronicle my days and nights about being an online student at GI. Not to mention postings of occassional 3D artwork and sample code programs of course :)

Over at GI I almost have the full load which is each C++ module, all the math courses and Graphics Programming module I with DX9. It will be interesting to finally get a chance to see what the curriculum is really like.

Wish I could get started tonight but my copy of VS 2005 wont be here until tommorow. But it feels good getting back to some C++ code as I wash this JAVA off me when I get home from work.

I'll have to make my way around and check out all these new journals too...wow!

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I've completed C++ Module 1 and I have the C++ Module 2 class ordered... I haven't had time to start it though.

I'm the same name over on the GI boards when I post randomly. :)

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I thought the name sounded familar :)

I'm sure we will talk alot more...I go by KidMesh on the boards over there but same avatar.

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