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~150x 3oz solo cups -> 3' tower
~200x 3oz solo cups -> 4' tower
1500x 3oz solo cups -> ??!?

Tommorrow is going to be fun as shit. I'm going to build a giant castle here in my room and then pretend like I'm godzilla and its gonna be fucking awesome. :3

I had no idea stacking little tiny cups into massive structures was so fucking fun!!!
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I did take pictures. I'm waiting for a datacable to arrive in the mail so I can transfer said pictures from my cellphone onto the internets.

But yeah, I'm *definitely* going to take lots of pictures of the bigger structures I build once I get hella more cups. I'm going to write a paper on how best to stack them (according to my findings) and on stuff like building redundancies into the buildings so if one part falls down the whole thing doesn't collapse.

It'll be pretty kewl [cool]

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