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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Well I planned a huge entry tonight, detailing all the shit I did, but as I was coding my main project for the night, the Aircraft Carrier, I found a fatal flaw in my airfield system, which had to be remedied, which means all you guys get tonight is a screeny of the Carrier with a Partisan parked on top.

This was actually really easy to get working, the only problem was that I realized that with my current system, if there were more than 2 landing areas on a map, they canceled each other out, and the aircraft couldn't land on either of them. The problem stemmed from my collision system, in which the airfields tested if the plane was landed on it, and also if the plane was not landed (ie. it had just taken off). This works great until you have two airfields, for example,

Airfield #1 says "okay, you've landed on me, I'll set your landed flag to true"

Airfield #2 says "you haven't landed on me, so I'll set your landed flag to false"

See if you can find the problem there[wink]

So to fix it, I had to switch the plane to be in the non-landed state by default, and the airfields could only say if the plane landed on them, and couldn't make the plane "not landed". Needless to say, this worked, but broke about 20 other things, which took hours to fix.... so yeah, Carriers work now[grin]

Here's a screen of the Carrier(NOTE: the blast deflector, which can go up and down) with a Partisan parked on top (with folded wings and everything).

Well, thats all for now, hopefully I can get some more done tomorrow, Peace Out!

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Looks like I need to figure out a way to do better water.

I'm thinking a slightly textured gradient or something, bah, I'll figure it out

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