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Foiled again!

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Trapper Zoid


Random Thought For the Day:
Is there any logic behind the choice of animals they put on the covers of those O'Reilly books? At all?

It looks like my time estimation skills have once again been completely out of whack. Despite having spent hours writing up this Inkscape tutorial I'm still not finished. It's amazing that although the character I'm making is simple enough for me to throw together in about 15 minutes tops, if you are trying to explain all the steps to someone new to Inkscape there's just so many little things to know it's actually a quite a lengthy process to write them all down.

Given the amount of work I did today I suspect I'll get the tutorial finished tomorrow, but given my present track record of prediction its completion time it'll probably be Saturday. In November [headshake]. But I've got to get this thing finished. I've enjoyed working on tutorial writing skills but it's eating into my coding time.
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I think it's like a muscle - if you use the time estimation skills you get better at estimating times. I'm still not very good at it.

Painless Software Schedules - Joel Spolsky seems like a nice enough TODO List type system to get started on.

I'm trying to use Bugzilla at work right now to orgainse my own time, jury is still out on that one [wink]

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So far I'm not that bad at breaking down tasks into a good chain of subtasks. It's just I tend to get distracted a lot and misrepresent the amount of time it takes to do any of those subtasks. It's a bit of a pain.

Although this time I really do think I'll get the tutorial finished by tomorrow, as it's almost done [smile]. Tutorial 1 is done; I just need to put in a bit more for the reference page, fix up the index, and do a quick sanity edit to look for obvious mistakes. Hopefully this means the draft will be up in my journal tomorrow.

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