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editor and other things =/

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I think Plumbers Inc is almost done. I redid the editor for the 1 millionth time, but now I think its much better. I was thinking about doing multiple tilesets like snow, underwater and lunar surface, but I am not sure how much value that would add to a rather simple game. So ill have to really have a chat with my partner about the tilesets, but what to YOU GUYS think?

Ive also made a really simple lunar lander demo in like 15 min with my framework..its kinda fun...maybe its my next game project? :D

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My opinion is to just leave it at the original tileset. The variation in the puzzles will probably be enough that you won't need to vary the visuals to maintain someone's interest. You could always release a "themed" version later that uses different graphics (kind of like the xmas version of Skyroads).

Have you got an ETA when you're going to be done with it?

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