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Okay, I want to enter a cake competition this Friday, the problem is I don't have much of an idea what to bake for it. Like, I want to win, so it has to be something drastic (I can easily bake a good-tasting cake).

The catch is, I'm baking with aluminum foil and plasticware. Which means I can, essentially, create cake of any shape/size, then freeze it, and set it up with lots of hard frosting (or even toothpicks, if the situation requires) so it'll take whatever form I give it.

Problem is, I can't think of anything 'good enough' to do. I need something cool and CS-related that would be good to cakeify.

The second option (which I'm leaning towards) is to make your standard layer cake, then place it on top of my 4' tower of cups. For the judging, I'll loudly proclaim "STEP BACK, GENTLEMEN, SAFETY IS NOT GUARENTEED - I HAVE ONLY DONE THIS ONCE BEFORE" then pull out the bottom cup, causing the whole tower to crumble, and either landing the cake nicely on the table or making floorcaek.

Ideas/Opinions? (or else I'll post a thread in the lounge about it)
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Option two definitely has a good performance art feel to it, although I don't think you'll be winning prizes.

A few years ago, my wife made a brain Jello-mold. Inside she hid a plastic bag containing "blood" made of Karo syrup and red food-coloring (put a little evaporated milk in the Jello mix to make it opaque). When she sliced the brain, blood gushed out and it was a huge hit.

Dunno how well a plastic bag would do being baked, though. maybe it'd be better to put the bag in after the thing's cooled.

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