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Evil Steve



I spent a total of 6 hours over Monday and today tracking down a bug, that turned out to be completely unrelated to the stuff CodeWarrior was sending to the debug output.

The reason? CodeWarrior ditches debug log statements to stop it slowing down. So if you write out 10 lines, one after the other, you'll only get 8 or so printed out. Not just the first 8, a random 8. Sometimes parts of one line spliced with parts of another line.

Now, on the DS, where the debug output is just about the only way to debug stuff (Debug builds got broken a couple of weeks ago due to some optimizations that CodeWarrior can't cope with), not having a working debug output is just fucking rediculous.

I'm so pissed off right now.
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Sounds like loads of fun.

I recently spent almost three days tracking down a bug in a DS clone child (ie, no debugging, no code stepping, only debug out). Finally found it was a stack overflow caused by a sprintf statement!

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Original post by rick_appleton
Finally found it was a stack overflow caused by a sprintf statement!
That's why we get crucified for using sprintf() here. snprintf() ftw.

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