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No UFROs yet

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I haven't been able to get the UFROs working yet. I'm still coding them, but I had to take a break on that to work on another part of the game. I had to do some fixes on the main title screen. Once I get the UFROs working, designing the level shouldn't take that long, considering I have a nice map editor to work with.

I haven't been able to update or work on game development lately that much. I just started school again, so I've been somewhat busy. However, I like to update this daily, so I'll try to get back to doing that. Also, I'll try and work on Blocky Man more often. After all, it is my favorite game project yet.

The Tokyo Game Show starts at 9:00 tomorrow night, which I assume is like 9:00 in the morning over there. I've got two games on my mind:

Mobile Ops: The One Year War
Sonic the Hedgehog

Here's to hoping they post some demos of these games.
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I know, it's gonna be great! If it plays as good as it looks right now, I think it will be my favorite game all year. I'm hoping they will give a release date for it during the Tokyo Game Show.

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