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Here's a little program I made a few weeks ago to address the the fact that SOME GAMES DO NOT SUPPORT MULTIPLE MONITORS PROPERLLY >_<. As you can imagine, with my setup it very much sucks when you try to play C&C Generals and the mouse goes off the side of the game window when you try to pan the map.


So, instead of giving up, or following the suggestions of "just turn off ur second monitorz whiel playng lol!", I have made a little app that will detect when the game window has focus and clip the cursor to its client area for you :). It works a treat, and you can easily add support for other games! Hooray!

Currently it supports Generals and Generals Zero Hour...and notepad (for testing). You can easily add support for new games by editting clipperdb.xml - you just need to know the game window's classname and title.

Download here!

See readme.txt for details.
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Cool. I'll use this for Baldurs Gate 2 and NeverWinter Nights. I wonder how well it'll handle having one on each screen at the same time :P

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I dunno if you got this when I was talking to you before, but since its not REALLY designed to do two programs at once I had to do the following hack:

1. Make two copies of the distribution in separate folders.
2. Add the NWN profile to the db of one copy and the BG profile to the other copy's db.
3. Start the exe for each copy.
4. Start the game!
5. OMG!

That woked with my quick test.

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GUI it, tack on some pointless functions and sell it as "X-Monitor X-treme".

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I was actually thinking about doing that, but you know, uni/stuff/laziness kicks in and it ended up on the "later!" pile -_-.

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