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Half way point

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Mike Bossy


Well I've reached the halfway point in my current goal of laying out the final 26 levels. I am now at a whopping 39 levels and going strong. I'm amazed at how easily new card layouts are flowing out of my brain. Hopefully the final 13 will flow just as well. I should be able to hit my target date of 10/6 without a problem.

Thanks to a hardware failure with my sound card I also found out that my game doesn't load when a sound card isn't present. I at least trap the fact that my audio subsystem can't initialize and do a graceful exit but it would be nicer if I just turned off the audio system instead of shutting down. Add it to the work item list.

In other news I played a bit of Lego Star Wars II last night and while it's funny and fairly entertaining the game play just gets a little boring after a while. I totally think it would be better with 2 people playing but the co-op mode for 360 isn't online! Who makes a 360 game without online?? Step up to the 90's people.
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I played Lego Star Wars (the first one) with my brother when I visited my family a couple of weeks back and it certainly is more fun with another player. But I don't think it would work on-line. The fun part is seeing the other players reactions, laughing at each other's stupid mistakes and making really bad Star Wars puns.

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