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Small Update

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I'm working every day to get this game done....I've made a lot of progress in every area, too many things to really list out...and I'm too tired to try right now. But I do have some new screenshots :-p

Instead of just stopping work at the usual time tonight, I spent all night working on the water in the game. I also added a boat into the game because I really wanted to see how the new reflections would look with a boat in the scene. I think it came out pretty cool :-D

I've got some ideas for a dock/harbor area so I'm going to try and implement that...I'm sure it will look cool with the water I just coded up. I wrote this shader from scratch over the last day or two, I think it's the best water I've coded up yet. I'll post some reference images for comparison as well...

This boat isn't going to be in the game lol...it's about 25k polygons and is just for testing purposes. Though now I'm really tempted to add drivable boats in the game...that will have to wait until later. It's just to test the reflections.

Screenshot of the new tracer system I've implemented. I added full physics on the tracer rounds, so they bounce around after they impact..it looks cool in motion. I'll post a video soon.

New water...

Here are two good reference pictures I found online...I think I got it pretty close. Hopefully I'll be done with these water shaders now...ugh.

Here's a cool battle scene...

Comments are welcome, I'd elaborate more on my progress these last few weeks but I'm pretty tired right now :-D

- Dan
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I hadn't thought you still could improve the water, nice.
Those tracers are hopefully not that CPU computation time expensive, especially with this bouncing back physics and all. Wouldn't want to waste that much power on such a slight, but nevertheless quite cool, detail.

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Whew! I was a little worried when I saw the boat... but relieved when you said you weren't implenting 'em. Save it for Gang War 2. =)

Why implement today what you can put off until tomorrow? As long as we can play it today, of course. ;-)

(BTW, the water r0x0r3z)

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rollo - Thanks man :-)

Gaheris - Well the way I do it, the projectile physics are pretty cheap...and it avoids polling for projectile collisions every frame...

- When gun is fired cast ray & calculate intersection point.
- Determine distance traveled by projectile each frame, once distance exceeds the original distance to the intersection point, calculate reflection vector to next intersection point.
- Determine distance traveled by projectile, once it exceeds the distance to the next intersection point, do another reflection, etc. for X iterations.

The whole time I'm doing gravity, fadeout, and other simple calculations which are essentially free with < 500 projectiles at once. Rendering the result as an axial billboard along the projectiles' movement path provides great results. Also glad you like the way the water looks!

coderx75 - Ah ha...I was going to play a joke and say that I've decided to stop working on Gang War in favor of a Urban Boat Racing Simulation....but yea, it looks like controllable boats will have to wait until GW2 or an expansion pack.... ;-)

Thanks for the comments guys. Now I should really texture the black area of the boat in these screenshots heh.

- Dan

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