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More plugin rambling

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I've been working though the Eclipse RCP book that Aldacron recommended, and I'm currently rather impressed. Not only is the book quite an easy read, but it covers lots of good stuff and the RCP seems to be very well designed. The Swing conversion from earlier is actually comming in handy as I'm now seeing the approach that the Eclipse team took to solving some similar issues to what I had, and other approaches that I can see comming in handy in other areas too.

I was interested to read that the RCP wasn't just designed and created, but evolved as Eclipse-the-IDE and Eclipse-the-framework were separated and decoupled. This is an approach I've been using for a while under the vauge term of "grow your own". Instead of doing a Big Design Up Front, I'll just write something simple and specific that works. Over time this will get added to, extended, generalised. Eventually you can pull it out into a shared library and reuse it. Using this method I've found the end result is cleaner and much more practical.

At the moment I'm finding RCP overwhelmingly big. Theres a lot to take in, and a lot of ways to extend and implement things. However the tutorials are helpful, so I'm going to work my way through the book to get a better grip of things.

From a geeky point of view it's all nicely recursive - writing a plugin for Eclipse, using Eclipse, and using a plugin written especially for writing plugins in Eclipse...
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