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Early Dock Scene

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I've been planning on adding a dock/harbor scene into the game for a while. I finally got started on that today. I'm going to put in some more hours tonight to make the scene more exciting...but I think it's a good start so far...

I'm going to add a few other types of docks, ones with fences, cranes, and cargo bins...hopefully that won't be too much work. Also I want to have a few static ships in the scene.

Early screenshots of the dock...I'm re-designing the bridge as well...the old one was nothing but trouble.

Eh...it's not bad for a hour or two of work so far...


I based the design of this dock off the one in this picture...

Comments are welcome...as soon as I finish the docks, I've got to get back on the coding of the traffic vehicles. It looks like I've got to implement full server side vehicle physics...I was hoping I could get away with approximating collisions (by giving the AI cars precedence every time) but makes driving around the city impossible because the traffic vehicles will dominate you.

The game already looks so much better with full physics on the AI vehicles (the way it was pre-multiplayer)...it's actually fun to drive around the city because collisions aren't a big deal to recover from, and they look pretty cool in most situations.

- Dan
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Not much yet but seeing the reference picture you're using and the amount of ideas you have I'm sure I can expect a great port. From what we can already see I really liked the wood texture. Neat, and your graphics engine is great, great atmosphere. Have you thought of adding some fog in morning (not always, just some times) near the port over the river? Not the fog-of-war type but rather some light fog which one could expect at such a place. I'm sure that would be awesome. Sadly, you probably have more than enough awesome ideas which aren't going to make it into the game anyway, for obvious reasons.

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