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Guh, work.

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My post frequency has been nothing short of appauling. My apologies. But my workload has been most burdenous. I finally just finished my Calculus assignment for this week, and previous had to write my Algebra and CS assignments, too. Thank goodness for the impending weekend!

The Scheme

In my CS-135 course we're essentially doing an introductory course to programming. Seems a little odd given my existing knowledge with programming, yes? The introduction is performed with Scheme, a functional programming language. A very strange and whacky thing thus far to a programmer like myself who was raised on the joyous lands of imperitive languages (like C++, Java, Python, etc).

Although different, it's all essentially the same. Just a new way of looking at an old book. So far the it's been very easy; I breezed through the assignment. I asked my teacher today -- this guy is awesome, BTW -- and he assured me that the class was actually the ideal one for an experienced programmer, and that the material would begin to pick up in short order. Fingers crossed. The one-notch-down course (CS 134) is a Java course. *shudder*

Windows XP

My university gives me a free (legal) copy of Windows XP. Woot. I've put in my order for it, so soon I'll be a legal man.

Er, I mean, I, uh, already am. I mean, uhm..

Side Project off of a Side Project?

Looks like I may be deviating once again. For the gamedev club that I'll be co-running this term I need to get some valuable XNA experience and write some small sample/test/fun stuff with C#+XNA as material for teaching our upcoming membres, and for nice stuff to talk about in the slides for the presentation I need to make. Which I haven't started. Guh.

So, in short, we may be seeing a few small/fun games dished out in the near future. Maybe this weekend, since it'll be the closest thing to free time I'll have this week.

But after that, back to Project Ex. And then back to Skirmish. (I smell too-many-projects-syndrome (TMPS).

Why did the multi-threaded chicken cross the road?

to To other side. get the
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Guest Anonymous Poster


CS 134 isn't, per se, a level below CS 135 (for the most part, don't expect either rhyme or reason from the course numbering Scheme*). In fact, it's part of the CS 133/134 duo, to which your CS 135/136 courses run parallel. You'll find the content in CS 136 (introductory data structures and algoritms) rather closely mirrors that of CS 134. For better or worse, CS 136 marks the transition from Scheme to Java... but then you'll be yanked back to C++ in 2A.

All that said, it's been a long while since I've been through that sequence of courses. The information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but the admin may very well have gone and changed things on me again. Any, hey, if you're obscenely curious you can always follow Prabhakar's course blog.

For all you interested onlooks, I suppose now you know more about Waterloo first-year CS course sequencing then you likely ever wanted, hehe.

- that softeng student again

* pun oh-so-intentional

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lol, at least you got to skip ahead a couple courses. Here at UVA School of Engineerings you're not allowed to skip courses. Like. At all. Unless you wallhack the courses (which I found about much to late to do it... GRR!)

Our CS heirarchy looks like this -

CS101 - Introduction to Java Programming (Java)
CS201 - Software Development Methods (Java)
CS216 - Data Representation (C++)
then more stuff.

And arrg at least you got to kind of skip the Java classes. >:(

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Original post by Mushu
And arrg at least you got to kind of skip the Java classes. >:(

Not quite. This class is followed by a Scheme->Java course, followed by a Java->C++ course. I'm just as boned with boredom as you, my friend. [smile]

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