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I am doing lots more stuff now. Stuff. STUFF. STUFF.


I am working! Really hard! I don't know how long I'm going to be able to keep it up with my part-time career, but I think I'm actually producing better work part-time than I was full time. Go figure.


The plot is effectively done. I'm putting together my documentation to prepare for release, and I'm just waiting for final art to come in to launch the thing out of the Big Ravuya Cannon at a victim-filled, sad Internet, which is utterly deprived of zombie-killing goodness.

Then, I guess, bug fixes. Mounds, reams, piles of bug fixes.


Also going well. I'm getting work done on my graphics assignment (distort images, translate images, modify images, add noise, do other fun stuff, expose colour channels, fiddle with pixels) and doing other things along those lines in other classes (though with significantly less graphics joy [crying]).

It is goddamn remarkable how many people in my university, even at third and fourth years of a computer science bachelor degree that involves two assembly language courses, don't understand what pointers and arrays are.

Other Projects

Jeez. Take your pick. In the last few weeks, I've started large new parts of Propane Injector, a lisp interpreter (more on this later), a Python-based weblogging facility, an online high score utility and a bunch of engine utilities and tools to try and simplify my game development life.

I've also made significant changes to the internals of my websites.

I wonder if I'm trying to burn myself out or if there's just too much entertainment to be had inside the tiny dual-core world of my CPU.
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