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Hehe, very nice! [smile] Will there be a graphical representation/actions going on while the briefing plays, or will the player just be stuck looking at that text for ~1 minute or so? The former would be much nicer; I think everyone else would skip the briefing otherwise. [sad]

(you guys pass the microphone back and forth too noisily :P)

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Yeah, my voice doesn't come off as being authoritative, or, um, awesome[grin]

I need to mess with Audacity more, this was just a first try at recording something. Next up is filters and stuff so we can get workin on the Angels 22 dialog, which'll be fantasti-tacular.

But I can do sarcasm like the Dickens!

PS: I'm also wondering if Sapo and I should try throwing together a podcast-esque thing for you guys sometime, so you can see how things work "inside the scenes"

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Good work, except for one thing... You are trying a bit too hard to sound military in the briefing, and your grammar could use a bit of work... Examples below.

1) "...In an attempt to relieve pressure off the deadlocked warsaw front". This should be "In an attempt to relieve pressure on the deadlocked warsaw front".

2) "A landing in Croatia is now undergoing operational planning under the Codename 'Case Amber'". This should be "A landing in Croatia is now being planned under the codename 'Case Amber'". (Use active voice, and the word 'codename' is not a proper noun -- therefore it should not be capitalized)

3) "This offensive has the possibility of moving the strategic momentum in our favor." This should be "This offensive has the potential to change the strategic momentum in our favor." (Offensives cannot possess a possibility, and momentum cannot move... it is not an object. Instead, the value of the momentum itself can be changed)

Sorry to nitpick, I'm just trying to help.

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