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Organization and Planning = Success

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Well tonight I sat back and thought of all the pitfalls from both past and present in order to prepare me for the goals I'd like to accomplish ending this year. So looking at what's ahead it seems that I'm carrying a pretty big load with work, family and the occasional disaster, it's really going to take planning and scheduling to pull this off.

Pull what off?.... Right, let me get to that. Well, I'm getting ready to tackle all the courses I paid for over at Game Institute last year :)

Looking back it was a good idea at the time and then right after I joined I got placed on a J2EE job role that took almost the next year to get acclimated to. Yet here I am, eager and ready to dive back in C++, DirectX and Math. Now it would be easy to just jump in feverishly and start following the course syllabus etc etc....but I know better.

The main goal over at GI for me is to get going on the Graphic Programming module courses both I&II. Lately I've been reading the forums and seeing what other students might have been struggling with and why. For the most part imho it seems two fold... C++ knowledge & Math. I'm not saying that people over there are struggling because they are not. I'm just pointing out that I'm looking for pitfalls to avoid so I wont be the one struggling :)

Anyway's, tonight I spent several hours working on an excel spreadsheet...my plan of attack. This spreadsheet has my entire "night and weekend life" planned out in a strategic way until 12/31/06. I've set milestones and goals so I can see where I've been and where I'm headed. The goals are actually very modest and doable, in the end it's just really up to me to see them through.

I wont go into detail about what's on the spreadsheet but I'll will say that it breaks down a list of study materials both from the course and supplemental. It breaks down scheduled study times and self-check mid points. For me doing it this way will actually keep me on track. Also it will keep me out of the scenario of starring at the computer wondering "What should I be doing right now?" other than wasting valuable time.

To end this long boring post I'll let you in on my goal for the beginning of 07. It's an easy one...to be ready to take the Graphics Module I course with a very solid foundation going in.

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