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Baby steps.

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Home life is still chaotic for reasons that the internet need not archive for all eternity...

Today I think is my one month anniversary at my new job and I've hit milestone #1 for project #1. About 2500 lines of debugged C++ code all while trying to learn SQL syntax, relational database theory, how to read other peoples' code, how to use CVS effectively, the local libraries, what a 6 year old version of gcc actually provides, healthcare terminology, the local data model, and what other stuff professional devs actually do. Oh, and get un-rusty at C++ since I'd not dealt with it for ~10 months before hire.

I think that's fairly outstanding. Further, a lot of those learning targets are going well too. I'm not struggling overly on any one part, which is the key thing; constant progress. Stuff like that will take quite some time to progress, but making simple queries and understanding the common error messages is head and shoulders above the rank ignorance I had a month ago.
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