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Status update

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Ok, so, some of you may be interested to hear that I'm in the industry now. Developing games, that is. The 'real' stuff, too: not mobile phone downloads or Flash downloads, but PS2 and PSP games. I even have the 2 devkits on my desk to prove it. I have docs for cool middleware like Renderware, Havok, and SpeedTree, and they make for interesting reading.

It's kind of weird finally being here after years of thinking it would never be possible, then a year or two of knowing it was possible and not being interested, and finally ending up 'here' anyway.

I can't say what I'm working on, for the usual contractual reasons. But it certainly beats finance software, I'll say that much.

(PS. Sony's documentation is Not Very Good.)
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Wow, congrats. Hope it all goes well!

And while I've never had a chance to look at a PlayStation dev kit, I remember Sony's documentation for their AIBO robot dogs when I was involved with Robocup back in 2000. Sounds like things haven't improved [grin].

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Congrats! [cool]

Can you say which game studio you are working for, or is that hush-hush?

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Although I don't agree with saying mobile games aren't "real games". I don't work in them myself but one of my friends actually left Raven after finishing Quake 4 and is now doing mobile games.

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I don't know if I should congratulate you or give my comiserations for the news you are working on PS2 and PSP - gotta be the two worse systems I have ever worked on and I have worked on them all since PS1 - mind you, having had the misfortune to having had worked on mobile phone development as well (a wap game :() I would choose PS2 anyday.

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Saruman - yeah, I was joking about mobile games, although you have to admit there are a lot of games for phones which are really trivial. There are many other potential benefits though, such as a return to gameplay over graphics, and so on.

Byron - at the moment I'm not finding PS2 and PSP to be much different from developing on the PC, once you get the tools set up, that is. I'm sure that's partly because I'm insulated by middleware, though. And the documentation for the tools was a bitch, as you presumably know. I hear the stuff for XBox is orders of magnitude better.

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