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GPUPhysics: Integration shader

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Now I've created one of the shaders: the shader for integration of the state variables (position,rotation,velocities) for a rigid body. The code can be found here. It currently does not support collisions, but as a first goal I want to get a simulation to run without them...

An unsolved problem is that I have to be able to disable physics on an agent (approximated by a rigid body) if it reaches an equilibrium. Then AI and player control would take by. I'm not quite sure of the conditions for equilibrium and would need to adjust them when testing later. Currently I only test if linear and angular velocity are below a certain threshold value. But I'm not sure that will work as I want it to.

Physics on a body could be re-activated by the collision shader (if colliding) as well as both activated and de-activated by the user (programmer).

REMARK: Didn't test the shader. Have to complete user interface first before creating a demo.
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