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My first post

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Well this is my first post to my journal. This journal will consists of what's going on in my life and my progress in developing application for mobile phones and PDA's in particular game developing.

Personal info
My name is Jack Petersen and I live in Denmark. I am married have 3 kids, they are 3,10 and 12 years old one boy and 2 girls.

I 'am working in a larger financial firm in Denmark, I have worked there for over 8 years now, my job profile is programming J2EE applications, J2EE architect and project manager for small and middle size projects.

When I have some free time I use it mainly to code, applications for mobile handset's using C++ or J2ME and c++ PHP for the server side.

I am kind a newbee in mobile game development so it will take sometime before my first game is ready because I have to learn how to crawl before I can walk.

I am currently working on a mobile game that is a kind of space shoot'em up. I started it because I wanted to make a starfield on my mobile, when I succeeded with that, I have added more and more features to it, but it is far from done yet. In the near future I will post some screenshots of it.

The second project I am working on is a slide puzzle game also for a mobile. The twist to this game compared with existing puzzle games is that this puzzlegame downloads the puzzle from the net. I started this project because I was very surprised that people been charge 3-5$ for a game with one single puzzlegame.

Now you properly ask why are you doing two projects at the same time, that's because I like to shift between project so when I am tired of one project, I can shift over and make something different.
I try to have max 3 projects running at the same time.

That's all for now.
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Welcome! I look forward to reading your journal. Here's some rating++ to get you started [smile].

(You're not the only one with multiple projects going on...)

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