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ChessGame: new project

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Started to rewrite an old project during my free time today. It's a chess game that was originally implemented as a human-human game in 3D using DirectX8. I'm now to rewrite it to include network play and AI (at different levels). Also the user interface will be a LOT better, and the game will look more beautiful with my new (since then) skills in 3D graphics programming [lol].

If anyone would like to have a look at the old game, here's some screenshots:



As you can see, there's no user interface in the game, and the graphics are rather boring. That's what I want to fix...

The old game can be downloaded here (about 7,2 Mb), if you want to try it...

Finished the move determination rules today.

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Sounds like a fun project.

I admire you for being able to pick up an old project. I can never get myself to do that.

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Well, I don't like the main menu. Because of how you implemented it - what a horrible waste of bandwidth.

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Programmer16: Thanks!

Deyja: As I said I'm going to rewrite the game, and that includes optimizing it in different ways (game menu included). I've gained much knowledge since I wrote it 2003 (I was a complete beginner in graphics programming) and will of course do it a better way!

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