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Okay, just got back from the cake competition. The cake fell straight down, perfectly, as expected. As it was treading this path of absolute brilliance, it rotated approximately 30deg. along an axis parallel to the floor, which it promptly hit and smashed in half due to the undistributed forces exerted upon it.

It was loofles, to say the least [lol]
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Please provide a diagram of the setup, as I don't fully understand what you described. You could also demonstrate on separate diagrams the intended and the actual paths of the cake.

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So you're saying it rotated on the X and Z axis, thus becoming slightly angular.

This is significantly worse than it rotating orthogonal to the floor (Y axis).

This is unfortunate.

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I instantly had a vision of a 3D dynamic-physics-enhanced sofware suite, "CakeFall". It'll sell millions.

I mean, I'd buy it.

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lol, I doubt I have the skill required to write a rigid-body dynamics engine.

Though, I guess if I just plugged in something like PhysX or Newton or something... but then you still have the massive error accumulation from the actual stacking of the cup tower ruling out any effectiveness of simulations.

its lols in any case.

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