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Progress on the dock/harbor

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Alright well this is as far as I could get...there are still some details I need to get into the scene and I'm way over the poly limit [not a good combination]...the loading dock alone is about 29,000 triangles...which is just insane [when you factor in motion blur / shadows / etc]...mostly because of the crane. I bought it online, it was about 30k triangles when I got it, I took it down to about 10k, and added it to the scene. Also each one of those cargo containers is 1k triangles...which is easily reducable.

I need to add more details into the building on the right. Adding a gutter area to the roof should do the trick.

Alternate angle...

Well I've spent enough time on this...time to get back to programming, I've got a lot of work to do in regards to the traffic system so that's what I get to work on for the next few days.

- Dan
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Are you using transparent textures instead of geometry on that crane? The view is a bit far away but it looks to me like you should be able to get it into the low thousands range pretty easily.

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Yup...I gotta go through and do that. I just ran the DX progressive mesh filter on it to cut it down to 30% of it's original. Still 10k is a huge number of polygons in my game world, most entire buildings are < 1000. The concrete area supporting the crane (stairs, rails, platform) is under 2k so if I can get the entire loading dock section under 4k I'll be happy. I guess I'll have to do that tommorow since it slows things down a lot....especially at 1280x1024 + 4XFSAA.

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Wow, the crane looks really neat, but almost like it is cell-shaded or some kind of other artistic non-photo realistic rendering thing. I like it though ;) And the style of the 3rd screenshot somehow reminds me of the game XIII. Don't know why.

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