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TGIF Update

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Prinz Eugn


Tonight's update is for all the random stuff I did this week, other than the sound experiment that Hopedagger was so eager to improve on(see the previous entry's comments for the full story). Apparently my voice isn't authoritative enough -oh well, you can't have genius-ness and ridiculously good looks and expect to have everything else I'm afraid[grin]
So the end result is that voice acting is looking like a cool possibility for Angels 22, which'll really add to the emotion element, we hope.

Speaking of elements:


So for reason we had Thursday off of school, which gave me the opportunity to work on Angels 22 from get-up time to collapse. One of the results was me screwing around with audacity and writing the Intro, the other was that map of Europe that was slos in the previous entry, which is so much more than meets the eye.

I've actually taken a map of Europe and split it up in Photoshop, made every country its own layer, and then named them accordingly. I've started a thread to give it away in the GDnet Contests forum so other people in the 4E5 contest can use it for their games.

On it's own it's still pretty cool, because you can look at the layers to find any county you want, even San Marino or Andorra, or Latvia, even.

So, please check out that thread. I'm pretty pleased with it, at least

Vehicular Tiles

A small but major thing I've been working on has also been trying to get most of the vehicles done for A22, and get them in a format usable by Sapo. That format is basically just putting in the vehicle components into a tiled image, similar to EDI's system I think. It has PNG transparency so I don't guarantee anything awesome looking right now, and don't mind the unfinished stuff in the right corner, that's just scrap parts right now, Here It is:

Anyway, the reason it's split up the way it is is to let us to cool random death animations, so for example, when you rip apart a column of tanks with the Mulciber II(tm) cannon, some will explode straight out, throwing chunks everywhere, some will just burn until it's just their hulks, and some will burnn a little bit before KERPOW! with the turret flying off, landing one hundred feet away atop some poor supply truck that had managed to escape the carnage.

This game is going to be so cool[grin];

oh, and the some of the finished tanks for comparison:

Barrage Balloons

Another great idea that Sapo had (I have to give it to him sometimes) is to have barrage balloons in the game, like the ones back in WW2 that the British put everywhere to stop low altitude bombing and V-1's.

The basic idea was to hang steel cables off of a balloon several thousand feet in the air so that any unsuspecting enemy airplane could become fataly invloved if it hit the thing.

So, although Sapo is going on with getting in the carrier I've gone ahead and drawn it (giant hanging cables are hopefully going to be procedural), Here it is, animated and all:


It kind of sucks being able to draw pretty good often times, like in math class when we're taking notes, and you start doodling, and then the doodles turn into leading edges, and before you know it, you have a badass prototype fighter plane, but have no idea what you were supposed to be learning for an indeterminate amount of time previous.

On the bright side, if anyone needs a prototype airplane, I have a few sketches you might be interested in, if you don't mind a little Calculus on the side.
Here is the quickly pixelized version of one of my illustrated daydreams:

Obligatory larger version:

The End

Ok I've had a long week(A day off from school doesn't count as much when you spent 10 hours working your project), so I'm about out of here. Comments are always very welcome, of course. I'll probably spend most of tomorrow sleeping or hanging out at with the German Air Force guys at Oktoberfest(I'lll explain later)

And as a symmbolic end of the entry, i'll put up the caboose I drew for the huge armored train, just to add some quaintness before the gatling cannons pop out:
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