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Batchin' It: Vol. 1

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Batchin' It!
Life tips for stingy, lazy singles

Volume 1

Tip of the Day: Surviving With No Electric Mixer
If you're like me, you're lazy, tight-fisted, and tend to lack some "common" kitchen equipment. Today's item of choice is the electric mixer. Most people would survive sans-mixer by keeping a whisk or three handy.

However, we're targetted directly at the truly hardcore of the stingy and lazy: those noble few who have chosen to brave the myriad, rocky challenges of life without even a whisk.

If you're in this situation, and you find yourself in dire need of mixing something (say, some instant pudding mix), do not fear: there is a solution.

You will need: one fork, and one spoon.

The fork and spoon should sort of nest a bit - it doesn't need to be perfect, but you need to be able to smush the tines of the fork into the curved part of the spoon and leave only a small gap. The smallness of this gap will regulate how fine your mixture can get; if the gap is too large, you risk chunks and other such (potentially) undesirable artifacts.

The trick here is to hold the fork in your dominant hand, and the spoon in the other. Dip them both into the stuff to be mixed. Hold the spoon somewhat steady, and nest the fork up against it. Then, move the fork in small, controlled cirles, such that every time it finishes a circle, it ends up nested with the spoon. Practice this for a bit until you can move the fork very quickly.

Now, perform this procedure, and slowly move the spoon around the mixture; vary the depth and angle of the spoon/fork to ensure you catch any stray globules that may lurk in the bottom of the mixture.

With practice you should be able to mix this way at speeds comparable to electric mixers, and results comparable to those obtained with a good whisk.

Few can attain such mastery, however - not because it's all that hard to do, but because most people will wise up and just buy a damn whisk.
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