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urs versus the mystic blue layer

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I apologize for the delay. At the moment I have unfortunately only once per week access to the internet.


I wasn't able to reproduce those ATI-bound error-screens on my system (P4 1500MHz, 1024MB RAM, 6600GT). So I decided to borrow a Radeon 9200 128MB RAM from a friend. The game was well playable with this card (driver:, despite some flickering. And no blue layer!

If I started the game while booting before the ATI CATALYST Control Center was loaded in the system tray I could reproduce these layer-screens. As soon as the Control Center got loaded and the screen went black for a short moment, the games graphic got a blue layer. This didn't happen if the Windows-resolution was the same as the games resolution (1024*768, 32bit).

Because I could reproduce this error-layer only under such extreme conditions, I decided to eliminate at least the flickering. After killing this bug everything was looking the same as on my NVIDIA-card.

If I now started the game before the ATI CATALYST Control Center was loaded in the system tray the game didn't get a blue layer anymore after the Control Center got loaded and the screen went black for short moment.

So the blue layer might be eliminated. And if not, I would suggest to change the resolution to 1024*768 and 32 bit color depth before starting the game.

Please download the new Blumenmacht Demo Version here at GD Showcase:
What are your results with the new version 1.0b?

Thanks to those who reported these errors and will post or message further bugs and tips in the future. As soon as Blumenmacht works properly with ATI-cards I will send you a message.

Best regards


Yes, close your eyes and enjoy the smell of the flowers Niqi!


Oetura is glad because she found an exotic animal.


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Original post by fortia
How did you come up with the idea to this game? Wow [wow]!

.., thats a good but difficult question! I must think of it. It was rather a process and an experiment than something I have planned from the beginning.

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