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ChessGame: DirectX docs make me angry

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Really don't know if I have the energy to write anything. It's so hot in here because the computer was on all day [flaming]. It will probably just be crap that I write, so don't take it seriously...

After looking a little bit in the at DirectPlay in the DirectX docs I decided NOT to use it. I don't know how they do these documentations. How are they thinking? I mean, if you're a beginner in a field you don't understand a sh*t and you don't even want to read it. I find the docs on Direct3D valuable, but that's because I've got experience (I didn't understand them either in the beginning...).

Went for using standard socket programming instead. I think it will suit my needs well and I now got a client and server up and running [smile]. Maybe I'll deal with DirectPlay another time when the need is greater and I have more time for it, but then I'll do it the "go and by a book on the subject and read it" way, and not the "check out directx docs and tutorials" way...

But it's fine for now. Tomorrow I will try to implement the network for the chess game, possibly extending it cause now my server only accepts one connection, but I want to have a lobbylike server so it will need to list all clients and let them play against each other.
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