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Low poly version of Loading Dock & Traffic AI

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So I spent today converting the (30k triangle count) loading dock I showed in my previous entry into a lower polygon version...I was shooting to have it at 4k triangles,
I ended up using 3940...so I'm good haha. The 4k scene has more objects in it than the 30k one...unfortunatly I ended up having to essentially recreate the entire thing (except the concrete platform/stairs/railing).

Here's the end result...it looks almost the same as the previous scene just with a fraction of the polygon count.

Motion blur...

From up top...I'm loving the water shader :-)

So...yea I've got a little extra time for this entry so I'll post before & after screenshots from inside Milkshape3D in-case anybody is curious about how I dropped this scene from 30k triangles down to 4k with no real loss of data.

This is essentially how I create all my LOD models and also how I drop high poly count objects down to lower more usable counts (good to convert assets meant for pre-rendered scenes, into real-time models).

Here is what I started out with...my scene with 30k triangles...An entire city block in my game takes up about 3-4k triangles at it's highest level of detail...so 30k for a simple loading dock is out of the question. Also this entire scene uses a 1024x1024 texture (arranged as a 512x2048 to allow tiling of certain parts of the texture).

It was simple to convert the cargo containers, you just turn texturing on your Left-Top-Front viewports and grab a screenshot...then arrange the parts in your texture. It was a little more difficult for the crane itself because I had to isolate certain parts like the metal rigging, which needs to be transparent.

Here's a small version of the final texture, which again is 512x2048. The cargo containers use a seperate 512x512 texture each. You can see how only a 512x512 area is used for the crane, and the minimum necesassry parts were kept.

Once I have everything arranged in a texture I create a cube in the 3d model editor (mapped with the left-front-top views of the high resolution model) and essentially 'trace' the outline of each piece in each viewport...then combine all the piece and fill in the gaps when necessary.

I hope that was enough information, if anybody has anyquestions about this process, just let me know! You can really use this technique on any type of object.

Here's what I ended up with...the entire thing is < 4k triangles...which is good.

Traffic AI is still stupid...they know how to navigate the world, I just need to go through and get them to stay in their respective lanes. I had all of this working before...but I'm going to re-write all of the algorithms for stability purposes.

Random screenshot...

Ok that's all for now [grin].

- Dan
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(I've run out of ideas of original complements, so I'll just stick with a simple one-word approach)

Keep up the good work!


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A Hermes! I'm gonna buy the game just to drive that car.

Well, it was called a hermes in gta:vc..
hmm ok, that didn't work.

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Gaheris - Impact, size 36... :-D

Nuklear - I followed the link...that car does look really sharp, and it looks just like mine ahah. It's called a 'Lead Sled' in my game hehe :-D Was the Hermes only in the PC version of VC? I had it for the PS2 & X-box and I don't remember that car in it.

soconne - Hopefully I'll have a demo in the coming months, I still have a few fallbacks to code up (I'm thinking a middle of the road shadow algorithm), and the gameplay/networking physics still need work :-)

We do have a plan for the BETA now...though I'm not sure I should publically announce it yet...it will be a few months of work until it's ready :-)

- Dan

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I only had it for PC so I'm not sure, but aprropriate name, the gta one handled like a sled, what made it so fun.

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Cool day/night cycle video. :) It's a bit weird how all the windows light up at once. Aren't their any cool multi texturing tricks you could use to blend between the texture version with the windows lighten up and the one without, so that the windows lighten up in a random order? Some kind of randomly generated/manipulated alpha blend map just like one uses sometimes when drawing terrain maybe?

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Yea, don't worry, night time is still a mess right now...I'll go through later and create the window maps by hand.

There are differences between the 'window maps' and the 'reflection maps', one determines reflectivity, one determines luminance at night...right now I'm using the reflection map for both situations...and this makes every window bright. I've got to create two sets of textures, and swap them....I'll blend between the two states...good point.

Because I'll be creating the window maps by hand I can easily turn a realistic amount of the windows off. I showed this in previous screenshots, I just have to write the system to fade between the states.

I've got a week or so allotted to fixing night time, coming up next week...I've also got a lot of ideas about rendering of headlights/streetlights.

- Dan

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That looks awesome.

BTW, What are you using to make those neat little AVI's at the top of your journal?

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I use a few different utilities, I just googled for '.avi to .gif converter' some are better than others, but most have a 30 use limit...so I have to keep switching.

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