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Need a new game

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Now that I have quit WoW I'm gonna be trying out SpaceCowboy Online, I've played it before and it's perfect for playing for short amounts of time. Also flying a spaceship and fighting huge wars sounds fun.
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Hopefully your quiting WoW goes better for you than it did for me. I canceled my account 1 day too late, my 6 month subscription payment had just gone through. So now I'm stuck with 6 months of WoW and I can't convince my self not to play something I already payed for. I have however significantly lowered the amount of time I play. I only logged in twice last week. :)

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Isn't Burning Crusades gonna come out soon? If you're still playing when they release it, I calculate your chances of quitting to be nil to zero.
Shame you didn't speak to me a day before, my account closed yesterday and I have/had 900g that needed a new home. Oh well, having more gold would probably be more of an incentive to play.

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SpaceCowboy Online is okay, but I couldn't stand the grind. It started to get bad around level 50, and I heard it just got worse from there :S

Silly grinds.

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