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ChessGame: Finished network system

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I've now completed coding and designing (and coding again [smile]) my simple network system. It kinda' exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would be able to do when struggling though my first network code yesterday.

Here are some examples of how it works...

First: It's a client-server model application, and as an example, suppose we have the users "Mimi","Peter","Dan" and "Robbie" logged on (you are logged on whenever your chess game is in network mode). Here's an image...

The example continues with the connection of a new user...

To be mentioned is that the server will keep track of all logged in users in two lists: one containing all users and one containing those that are not currently playing.

Now how does game handling work?

We now have the current setup:

and Dan wants to play with Mimi...

NOTE: the show setup images contain information on other actions as well (messages in red text to the right)

As you can see the server is a kind of lobby... but handles chess draw transfers as well (chess play data is not much (4 bytes per draw) and is only transfered each 1-5 minutes or so per game).

I'm a bit amased that I as a beginner was able to put this together... it's just like I thought before I started: Network code isn't going to be much to work for a chess app...
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