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Yet another new bridge... :-)

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I've been searching and searching for a bridge that will look good in my city...I tried a golden gate style bridge but I wasn't really happy with it. The bridge has been a source of problems in the test sessions lately, particularly the collision detection. Hopefully this bridges' simpler design will solve that. The curves of the last bridge would cause the vehicles to bump/hop while driving. This bridge performs much better, though the angle might look odd when the bridge meets the ground.

I found this bridge in Portland, Oregon...I really like it. I think it fits my scenes perfectly. I put some filters on this screenshot to make it look like a painting...

Reference images...

Regular screenshots...

In the spirit of my last are screenshots of the texture, and the bridge in Milkshape3D. It didn't take me long at all to make this model, but I'm happy with the way it came out. It weighs in at 860 triangles, and a single 512x512 texture.

Small version of the texture...

Inside Milkshape3D...

You can see some undeveloped real-estate in some of those screenshots, I'm going to be designing a 'grungy' seaside area to blend between the dock/harbor areas and the actual city. I'll try to work on that a little in the coming days, but I have to focus on the traffic AI for now.

- Dan
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Guest Anonymous Poster


One point of constructive critisism (or something):

The pillars don't look quiet right to me, they should be between the bridge sections, not in the middle of them (refer to your real world example picture). Like it is right now, it looks like it's going to collapse as soon as the first vehicle drives onto it (remember Pontifex?).

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Good eye Anon. I appreciate it, it's hard for me to see these things sometimes.

Fixed pillar positions:

- Dan

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Definitely better! I hadn't noticed it but I was thinking that something was indeed weird about that bridge.

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