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So what has little old ShoeStringGames been up to with his time? Im glad you asked, because I was going to tell you anyways!

I dont know how many of you have ever heard of the Big E but its one of the worlds largest carnivals in the united states. People from all around the world come to have a good time, and I live 15 mins away so you better believe I have been there. I won a few cool prizes, made some friends, and just in general had fun. Heres some pics:

Best damn prizes ever, Not only did I bank myself a Mario (which I gave away to a friend, I scored myself a Knuckles!

From left to right: My roomate Mark, My friend Angela whom I gave mario to, Myself, My Friend Steph who I won the duck for, and my friend Liz

Now this photo needs the most explination. While playing some games I decided to take a water gun to Mark, who in return did the same. That would be the explination on the water on me, as for the cop, he was just a really cool guy who decided to give me a great photo op.

Now onto another subject. The town that I work in, Northhampton, is going through a little debate as of late. On the main strip of town Capital Video is planning on opening a pornographic store and some of the locals have been protesting againt it. So being pro choice I decided to anti-protest those MoFo's. Me and a group of about 5 more decided to stand in there group and hold up signs that support pornography. You can see about 20 photos of us at NoPornNorthampton.org but I feel I will show you my favorite one

Game Development

XNA my friends, XNA. I have been tinkering around with it and I have come to see that this is definatly where my attention will be going from now on. It is as easy to use as SDL but yet it offers so much more. With the ability to to be used on both Windows and Xbox360 its definatly worth the time to learn. From start to finish the first game I made using XNA took exactly 17 minuts to code from start to finish. The way that XNA is designed, if you can do C++ you can do XNA. Its built on the C# language but works like a wrapper for it. Its the new age of managed Direct X my friends, and thats a good thing! With that I present to you a screenshot of my first XNA game, SSPong!

XNA handles built in user imput, music, sound, window management, and so much more! If you want to follow XNA based projects make sure to stick around, this is only the beginning of a good thing!
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