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I've implemented word wrapping into my text rendering, plus alignment features like Upper-left, lower-right, etc... The picture above shows the word wrapping in action (yes, it really does) with the break coming between 'q' and 'r' and a space after between delta time and the 'A'.

Sadly, something I've done, and I'll be damned if I know what, has brought the framerate down (by only about 15 or so FPS, the near 100 FPS drop from the previous image is due to the debug runtime of DirectX). My guess is the extra manipulation of the text in the text renderer has taken its toll.
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Looks nice! Word-break is something I've never implemented in my font system for some reason. It's probably is your text-formatting that's doing it, but 15FPS shouldn't really matter.

Btw, about your last post. Detecting it on certain cards wouldn't help. When I made my first GUI a couple months ago I had the problem with other computers not looking right and it was because I wasn't offsetting by 0.5f. Now, in my new GUI the first thing I did was put in the offset code and now it's throwing everything is blurry. My advice (which I'm going to follow if I can't get my GUI totally fixed) is to go with either fixed size controls, or color only controls with fancy shaders (add glow or something.)

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I had the same issue with my text rendering at times. The solution I found was to cast any results of my calculations (i.e. anything with multiplication or division) as an integer. As long as it's positioned on a whole number and only then shift it by 0.5 it seems to work.

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