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I made some major Project MalykAI progress today. I decided to wait on the GUI for now so that I could continue working on the game, and I'm glad I did. I got a decent key-based editor in place (except for the tile-section. That's mouse based.) I also got the "InEditorMode" system setup. When you press F1 everything stops updating, tile rendering changes (colored tiles. Solid tiles are 0xffffffff, Non-solid tiles are 0x88ffffff, death tiles are 0x88ff0000, and spring tiles are 0xff0000ff), the current tileset appears on screen (for tile selection), key-based character movement stops, gravity stops, entity dragging is enabled, and a few other things.

I also fixed the problems I had with jumping. It seemed to wierd with the slow take-off. Now, it jumps pretty nicely, I just have to pin down a decent max-velocity (I think I found it, but I'm not sure.)

The second coolest thing I implemented today is the modified map system. I switched from storing integer tilenumbers to storing instances of my Tile class. This allows me to expand the tile without having to modify any of the other code (I already have Update() methods in-place, they're just empty at the moment.) The current tile types are death, non-solid, solid, and spring. Non-solid will be used for scenery and hidden areas (a tilenumber of -1 is used for non-existant tiles so that they're skipped during the rendering process.) This will allow me to have some of the nifty hiding places like in Sonic.

The coolest thing I implemented today is spring tiles. They work really good and ANY tile can be a spring tile. I'll have to figure out how to setup an animation of some sort.

I also borrowed some graphics today, just to make things look nice (Super Mario Brothers graphics of course[wink].) Anyway, here's a movie showing the progress so far, an example of the non-solid tiles (I haven't implemented sorting yet, so the entity appears in front of the tiles at the moment), a spring tile, and the in-game editor: linky (3.88mb; 24 seconds; zipped wmv (wmv3 codec).) Questions and comments are welcome!

Malathedra work will be starting up again soon (I think on sunday, the 1st.) I'm also going to be picking back up on ProjectAsrion now that I've got the framework fixed and almost have the GUI finished.

Anyway, bedtime for me. See ya tomorrow!
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Nice video. I prefur the videos over screens any day of the week. It definatly looks smooth, I like that. Keep up the good work

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Original post by ShoeStringGames
Nice video. I prefur the videos over screens any day of the week. It definatly looks smooth, I like that. Keep up the good work

Thanks Mark! Yea, movies > videos, but videos are a lot bigger lol.

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