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FortiaEngine: vs the game Fortia

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Ok... so I have some time over here. I think I will do some things on FortiaEngine now (I like to switch my projects when I get tired of the one I'm doing...). I think an introduction of the game Fortia for which I write the engine is in place...


"-- You cannot see anything but light. Suddenly you realize that you are inside a deep mist or cloud and figures start to appear in it. Figures whose likes you never saw before, figures with a God-like appearence! They seem to be in a state of panick and look like they search for something. You are then transported into some kind of cave under ground and monsters are all around you, but... don't seem to know you're there?! They are celebrating! You see their leader holding up something, but you cannot see what it is. Everything gets dark. You hear people scream and the sound of soldiers fighting in war. But a calm voice seems to come from a point close to you... --

You wake up and realize everything was just a dream. But something inside you has changed, and when you look up you see a priest standing next to your bed. Things start to get strange when he tells you that he wants to teleport you to Fortia, the Gods' Reach...

Fortia will be a roleplaying game in 3D where your main quest consists of getting back the stolen item to return peace and as well as solve the mystery of how it landed in the wrong hands. You can do this two ways: By becoming a priest and fight openly or by becoming a spy and fight in secret. But to be able to do the main quest you will need to gain experience by adventuring. This is done by exploring the world, doing quests and fight any enemies you may encounter..."

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