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Python -> "calls" C -> "calls" Python -> Propagates expected value!

Yayayayay. Now to flesh out the templates so they accept more than 2 argument functions (lolol lots of repetitive template code to write :O) and then to do the data sharing between Python<->C. Basically, registering C structs as Python object types.

Also, I think I've found a way to get around the dilemma discussed before (the call('funcname') syntax with Pythong) - functions can be represented in Python as an object which implements __call__ (essentially a function object). If I (from C++) create such an object whose __call__ method passes the arguments AND a unique string to identify which function is being called to the function call handler in C++, then I can effectively use the desired (normal) syntax funcname(args). Which is cool.

It'll take a couple more days to implement that though :(
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Your journal lately has been worthy of Evil Steve. Very dull.

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y thank yuo.

I'll try to spice it up later in the week with some sauce. How does that sound?

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