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The Koopa problem

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Well, I hadn't done any coding on Blocky Man for a few days, so I decided to sit down and do some today. After hitting the UFRO in mid-air, you can now bop it on the ground to make it spin along the ground. That is now coded, although with a few bugs.

That concept is of course based on the koopa enemy from Super Mario bros, and that is why I wanted to make this kind of effect in my game. I find myself, when it comes to games, trying to find out how they do alot of very small things, and this is one of them. When I was younger(before I started programming), I always wondered how they wrote that koopa enemy in SMB so that you could use the shell as a weapon after killing it. Interestingly enough, I usually had more questions about older 2D games than the newer 3D ones. It's cool to write something similar for myself, and being able to see how it can be done. I suppose that is one of the big reasons I started programming games, not just to make my own, but to find out how existing ones work. One day, you might see me writing a game very close to the 2D sonic games, because I have alot of questions about how those were done[grin]

Anyway, to complete this enemy, I have to make it so that when it spins on the ground, it can hit other enemies. Programming this will be similar to how I made the BombBots blow up other enemies in Stompy's Revenge.

On another note, I've seem to have caught myself quite a nasty cold. Although it's still early, I can feel the vile cold mucus advancing on my chest, which will result in an even nastier chest cold. Well, I suppose it has to happen at least once every year.

I'll try and get all the UFRO coding done tomorrow, because I badly want to start designing level 1. I also would like to get a new demo out.
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The koopas are one of the enemies I had in mind while designing my platformer, but I couldn't seem to fit them in[sad]. I have to agree, sonic has some pretty nifty stuff in it that I've always wondered how they did.

I have a cold myself (but not a bad one luckily.) Hope you get feeling better!

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There seems to be a virus going around. Upon arriving at my high school today, I observed that I wasn't the only one suffering from a cold. Although, the one I have seems to be a particularly nasty form. A few days and I'll be feeling better though[smile]

From a game programming stand point, the 2D Sonic games have always interested me, and I've never been able to figure out how they work. One day I hope to attempt to write a similar game, and find out how they work.

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