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Just random stuff today mostly, going to the pub then to watch Clerks 2 in a bit...

Just dropped GBP600 on a second 24" Dell Widescreen TFT monitor... the one I've got is damned good and when considering a second one I wanted one which would compliment it and not look stupid next to it... so I was kinda down to Dell's looks wise anyways and as I wanted matching res I didn't really have a choice size wise... at least, that's what I'll be telling people [wink] With any luck it'll be here thursday, so that means tomorrow I need to sort out my room and clean up a bit as new shiney monitor is gonna show just how much of a state this place is in [grin]

Project wise I'm kinda working on my formal research proposal thing.. I say "kinda" because since the meeting last tuesday I've been kinda distracted with vodka and talking to a lass online *chuckles* The way I look at it, it's good to get my distractions done now so I'll be free and clear to work on stuff from this point onwards... at least, thats the theory anyways... [smile]

I think I'll give installing Vista RC1 a go tonight, I've got the harddrive space so it's just a matter of being bothered, and given I kinda need Vista for my project work it'll be handy to have it installed [wink]

Next friday sees the release of Company of Heros and DEFCON, both of which I've got on pre-order, hopefuly gameplay will do their 'ship a day early to reach you on release' trick they used todo so I can play CoH friday and download DEFCON (while waiting for my boxed copy to turn up...)

Right... stuff todo... stuff todo...
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The only thing that rivals the dual 24" (at least imo) is the Dell 30" with a 20.1" Dell monitor rotated on each side. Although the price is about 3 times dual 24"'s I believe.. and is definately not worth it... although I would love to game on the 30" at 2560 :)

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