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Joined zEROx on his project

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After some thinking I decided to join zEROx on his RPG project Elium. So I'm kind of freezing the development of my engine for a while. It would not be the first time [smile]. As a hobby programmer you have the choice to do what you like, at least with projects on which you are the only developer and don't have deadlines! That's life!

But I'm going to finish the chess game now because it's such a small project (more like a demo...) and I almost got the network done by now. Didn't work on it today though because I tried to get the Nebula Device 2 Engine (the one that is used in the project I'm to join) to work on my computer. Really nasty process!!! And no tutorials or samples... but will have to learn from the existing game code.
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Nebula 2 is easily my favorite engine out there that is open source and has some amazing features. The learning curve is a little higher than for the simple engines, but Nebula is a commercial engine and is definately commercial quality (since a lot of it works and is modelled after how the Unreal engine works). You'll enjoy working on it, once you understand how it works you'll be very pleased with it.

Also, I know that Elium does not use Mangalore (it is Radon Labs game framework that utilizes the Nebula Engine) so I would advise two things. My first piece of advice would be to go over the Mangalore codebase because it really shows in detail how the low level Nebula engine works. Secondly I would suggest doing research on both Mangalore and the current Elium game framework so see which is the best to use... because quite frankly for an RPG the Mangalore framework is insanely powerful (it is also what Radon Labs is using for their upcoming RPG). It is a complete component based system using properties instead of the oldschool (lets build this big monster inheritance hierarchy), and makes it amazing for designers to add content without needing a developer.

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