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Evil Steve


Yay, I'm on holiday this week [smile]

I got back from Dundee this afternoon, where I was setting up a friends wireless network, performing general PC maintainence, and seeing her house she bought.

I've got a todo list, with a bunch of things on it; mainly articles. In fact, here it is, verbatim:

* Forums user registration thingy (Where you have to type the letters in the image to post/register)
* TEH MMORPG!!1, obviously
* Article: Drawing with the windows GDI (And Window wrapper class). Submit to GameDev
* Article: D3D stuff
* Article: A D3D texture manager (texture sheets)
* Article: A Better D3D Font Class (My font code, with 512x512 textures - Add a section pointing out that this would work nicely with the previous article [Texture sheets])
* Article: Using Ogg Vorbis to play audio with DirectSound. Submit to GameDev
* Update / redesign site?
* Find out what's rattling inside the laptop...
The articles are all for my website, but I'll submit them to GDNet first, to see if anyone is interested in them.

The first point on the list is because I've had a bunch of randoms signing up on my forums and posting spam (Links to various pharmaceuticals). So I'll make my own DIY "Please enter the above word" thing for registration. Or I could wuss out and find a pre-made one for phpbb.

I've already started procrastinating, so things are probably going to go downhill, and I'll probably get bugger all done. I've started playing Maple Story again, with a new character, new account and on a new server because my friend has started playing it. And I've already spent money on the cash shop (I bought 10000 nexon cash for $10 (GBP5.42 at Paypal's current exchange rate), and bought a card to reset one of my APs, because I spent about 30 minutes trying to roll a damn 4/4.

Also, it's nice to see that Wizet have gone out of their way to make their site even harder to use. Previously, the only bad thing about it was that you had to use IE. Now it's even worse.
Firstly, you have to use IE. Not that big a deal I suppose, but it'd be nice if they didn't just bump you off to another page saying "Use IE".
Secondly, Ctrl and Alt are disabled on the user signup page (I presume right click is too, but I never checked). The reason seems to be that they want to prevent you from copy & pasting details.
Thirdly, in some fields you can only enter letters and numbers. As soon as you type another letter, you get a javascript alert box popping up telling you to only use letters and numbers, and the whole contents of the edit box you were typing into are cleared.
Fourthly, the answer to your secred question can't contain spaces. Even though the question is E.g. "What is your favourite book?". Uh, wtf?
Fifthly, I was entering my postcode, and I put a space in it. It told me that I could only use letters, numbers, and the dash (-) character before wiping it. So I used a dash instead (Big mistake). After clicking "Submit", it opened another javascript alert saying my postcode had illegal characters in it, and then set my state to "Alabama", using a droplist (From "Scotland"), while leaving the country at "Unitedkingdom". So I just had to settle for "Alabama, UK". Fine, screw them.
Sixthly, I couldn't seem to get my password to work for entering my verification code. So, I requested a password reminder and was asked my secret question. I had entered a fairly long string (20-30 characters) which was the answer with the spaces removed (E.g. "ThisIsTheAnswer"). So I entered my answer in and was told at this point that my answer was "Unusable". I don't know if that's Engrish for wrong, or if it means that it was too long or something. Either way, it didn't work.
So I gave up and went to try again. Went to create a new account and was told that my E-mail address was already in use.
So that's the seventh problem - If someone uses your E-mail address to sign up, and then you try to sign up; you can't. It doesn't seem to matter that the E-mail address hasn't been verified yet.

So I ended up creating a new GMail account just for Maple Story, then going through the whole mess of signing up again. Sigh.
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