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I've, like, neglected this thing. Not to mention GDNet+ expired on me. I've moved on from my Arena Battle project.. in retrospect, it was getting kind of convoluted. I'm now working on something totally new for me... Project 1 in the C++ Workshop!

No, seriously, it's new! You have to color the output, so I Googled around and found this. Encapsulating it in a class (cConsole), and setting a few functions for easy manipulation, I've created an easy interface with the console screen. I can color output with output(), and check specific keypresses with getKey().

Oh, getKey().. I just love it. I'll code-tag it here, and explain it, although all you C++ gurus out there should be able to understand it just fine. I just like explaining. :D

char cConsole::getKey()
while (true)
GetNumberOfConsoleInputEvents(rHnd, &numEvents);
if (numEvents == 0) continue;

INPUT_RECORD *eventBuffer = new INPUT_RECORD[numEvents];
ReadConsoleInput(rHnd, eventBuffer, numEvents, &numEventsRead);

int i = 0;
for (; i < numEventsRead;)
if (eventBuffer.EventType == KEY_EVENT)
int j = 0;
while (j <= keys.length())
if (eventBuffer.Event.KeyEvent.wVirtualKeyCode == keys[j])
delete eventBuffer;
if (j == keys.length() + 1)
else return keys[j];

To start with, I have a public string variable in cConsole (don't yell!) that the user can set to, say, "123". This function cycles through any events that occur until a key event occurs. Then it cycles through the 'keys' string I mentioned, checking the key event against each character in 'keys', until it finds a match or cycles the whole string. If the iteration variable 'j' is 1 more than the string length, then it didn't find a match, and it continues. Otherwise, it returns the char that was matched, so the calling function can deal with it.

I love it. :D
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Very nicely done! Nice clean code, simple to use, and very helpful.

Btw, I'm stealing it when I do my text-based RPG!

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