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Guess what's out?

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If you guessed "Glow" you'd probably be right.

It's out for Mac OS X and Windows. The Windows one has a boss installer (thanks, SHilbert!) and the OS X one is well tested (thanks, Foobar of Integers!)

Here is the project page.

If everything goes well, I'll Showcase and IOTD it soon, then start farming out. I'm suspecting there's a bug somewhere in the Windows version, but I want to see if it gets confirmed here.

Later, I'll have more energy to write about this five-month long game. I could've had 55.6% of a kid in this time. Well, not me. I lack the required biological components for that development process.
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Ok, played through a couple levels (I'm really tired, I'll play more tomorrow[wink]) and the only problem I noticed was the faces in the dialogue seemed jittery (they were constantly shaking a little bit.)

One thing that annoyed me though, was the little message-box that's in the bottom right corner. It's nice, but I don't think it should stop you from being able to fire; got me killed a couple times.

10/10 from me. The game is quite fun, has a decent storyline, and has some funny stuff in it; though I can't find the spoon and lighter[sad].

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They are supposed to jitter (video link), though I suppose this should probably be more obvious.

I'll probably remove it from the patch release, if I have to do one, and replace it with a scan line.

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Looks great! Loved the splash screen and the story line. Keep up the good work.

One small design request is that the inventory select panel not be in the playing area. I was trying to shoot at stuff in the top left and I think I kept clicking on things in my inventory. :)

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Dammit, the one day I don't check the journals is the one day you release it! I'll post my impressions later today, but from the 5 minutes I played, I think a 10/10 is in order[grin]

P.S. Shotgun + Zombies = GORY FUN!!!

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I'm glad people enjoy this. Really glad. It warms my heart.

I just wish I hadn't picked up the goddamn flu yesterday, otherwise I'd be out on the town, with hookers and blackjack. In fact, forget the blackjack. And the town.

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great game!! i get it to level 3 for now :) im wondering if there is continue or something or i must start evrytime again? ps: bonesaw is relly cool

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There was a save function, but I've commented out the call to it for now because I didn't have time to verify it worked properly.

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It's not really a bug, but when I click outside the game window it should stop the gameplay. I got killed a few times because of this.

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