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Galactos eye-candy

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Same than the Flamberge ( see previous journal for details ), but this time for Kaboom22's Galactos, a carrier.

I didn't precise it yesterday, but the texturing is extremely basic. I received the model untextured, only the geometry. I applied a box mapping on the whole model and used Juan's generic buildings textures. I selected a few polys that were fitting more or less well as windows, and applied a second texture. Therefore, the whole ship you saw yesterday ( and the new galactos ), use 2 generic textures and simple box mapping for tex coords. No more than one hour of programmer art-work :)

I couldn't resist the temptation to put the Galactos and the Flamberge in the same scene, just to compare their size. It's pretty funny, the galactos appears so big on the details ( 4 first screens ), yet it appears so small compared to the Flamberge ( 2 last screens ) :)

Click to open the images in fullscreen (1024x768 AAx4):

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