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Screendumps of MOP

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As I promised in an earlier post here is some screenshots of my MOP mobile
online puzzle game showing a game there is just started and a screenshot where
the puzzle is just solved.

Puzzle is unsolved

puzzle is solved

The puzzle is now working and is playable on a Sony Ericsson w810i emulator, in
the upcoming days I will test it on some different devices to see how it
goes. I believe that there will be some adjustment of the code when I try it on different handsets. I believe that I can have a test version of the game within a month or so.

I have upgraded my progress in the top of the screen
MOP from 25 to 30% (I have made the server code but there is a lot of polishing to do)
Space game from 10 to 15% (yes it still needs a name)

I have this riddle; see if you can solve it what is the next combination.

11, 110, 1001, 1100, 1111, ?

I post the correct answer in my next post
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damn that was fast 8-)

Its of couse correct 3,6,9,12,15, (18 <- the correct answer)
its the multiplication chart for 3 in binary.

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Looking good!

I had to work on a commmercial emulator for the Sony Pocket Station while I worked at SN Systems... ever since then I have had a huge respect for emulators and also a little caution about how closely the emulator actually matches the hardware.

When it comes to mobile phones how closely do the emulators match the actual hardware? I have been tempted to give mobile development a go but the question of emulator to hardware match always bugs me - do you find any major issues such as speed matching etc?

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Hi byron

Thanks for your comment.
I only use standard emulators, the one in the picture above is
one i got from sony ericssons website in there SDK the code language
i develop in is J2ME (mostly) some special things i'am doing in c++

You can get emulators for varius phone manufactors Sony Ericsson, Nokia, motorola ect. I dont had any problems with the phone manufactors emulators
they are wooking quit well, I always testing my apps on suns emulator (its included in there wireless toolkit) by that i test that there is nothing phone specifik code the manufactors sometimes expand what there phones are cable of but its not supported by others.

If it is emulators you are interested in and not so much phone programming
there is a open source emulator on sourceforce at this url.
to see it in action this is the place to go

If you start developing for mobilephones let me know if you need some help getting started.

Bedst regards

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