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Hey, there's a light there

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Too danged much multitasking here. Every time I get significant work done on something, I need to disengage and do some significant work on something else.

Anyway, it looks like Duck Tiles and Bulldozer can come out at the same time. Here's where I am.

Bulldozer - 95% (just late testing)

Duck Tiles - 95% (ditto)

online playable demo for Bulldozer - 100%

online playable demo for Duck Tiles - 100%

Update online shopping cart and commerce system to support multiple purchases - 75% (probably works, but just needs testing)

Far as I know, that's all that's really necessary to get 'em out the door. Then it's. . .

stat-o-matic machine - 10%
retrofit existing six daily puzzles to new system - 0%
six new games - 16.6% (one is complete, the rest are just pencil-sketches)
make standalone game pack out of the six new games - 0%

And then I plan to work on two more "top shelf" games, basically larger scope stuff like DT and Bulldozer. Working titles. . .

Puzzle Pies (bounce pies around to defeat evil clowns) - 0%
Bulldozer Gold (bulldozer with more stuff to do) - 0%

And Flash-based level builders for both.

Lessee. That'll give me 12 small games in two game packs, four larger games, and web-versions of all of 'em.

I also have three or four small giveaway-size games that'll likely be made into some kind of "gimme pack", ala "buy two products and get the gimme-pack for free".

So it looks like I gots my work cut out for me, at least for the near-term.
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