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Gettin there

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Chapters eight and nine are complete, I will be finishing up the book tonight. I have also been doing some research on the net, I am still trying to tie everything together about making games.

Accelerated C++ is next. I plan on kind of reading through that book and then get back to the exercises. After that is the 3d Math book...time to get the ole cobwebs out of the brain.
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Heya, I just wanted to ask and make sure that you are also doing exercises and small projects while going through the book? The reason I ask is because reading through the book gives you a general overview of the langauge and how to use it.. but realistically you can probably say you know about 3% of the language and how to use it until you actually start putting it into practice. That is when you learn everything but smashing your head on the desk trying to get something to work :)

I have a few friends that tried the old "Read a C++ book, a few programming books, a math book, physics book, some graphics books, an AI book" and felt they were going to be a master.. but unfortunately they sit with a blank Visual Studio screen if you ask them to write pong. Why? Because they procrastinate and never put it into practice :) They knew tons of concepts and could spin them off the top of their head.. but had no idea how to actually apply it.

You most likely already know this, but I figured I would just reiterate.

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Hey, I know that word "Reiterate" ...

Yes, I have been doing some of the programming exercises. A couple of years ago when I first was going to learn C++, all I did was read and I didn't learn too much. I must admit, I haven't been doing as much of the exercises as I should. I really need some practice with using '&' and '*', they seem to be confusing me.

I really want to learn this badly though, I have this game that I really want to work on.

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I haven't done any graphical programming yet, but on the subject of pointers and references, I've done something recently using pointers to point at the start and end of a string, then increment the start pointer and do whatever until it reaches (equals) the end pointer. Then, of course, when you use 'new', you have to have a pointer pointing to the new memory...

But technically, I'm an amateur, so I'm probably giving bad info. XD

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