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A Stern Duty

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Stephen R


I'm almost finished the rendering demo. Is it looking kind of how I want it. The wireframe is simply a material with an emissive channel and a line list but it looks exactly how I want it. The faces of the object aren't quite right. I might look into flat shading or even cell-shading to get the feel I'm looking for, the current garroud (sp?) shading just isn't sitting right with me.

I went out to the shops and treated myself to something I've wanted to get for a long time - Sim City 4 and Alpha Centuri. I feel as if I've been getting my priorities mixed up, I haven't played a game in about a week [grin]. They should take up some of my time over the next few days, but I'm still going to work on Kernel Chaos.

I am really feeling the inadequecies of my expereince as far as design docs go. I'm starting to struggling over it. I will slog through it but it won't the most professional doc out there. Hopefully it'll be enough to stop Kernel Chaos going south like Raw.

Anyway, I'm off to sculpt an empire.
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