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Heh heh

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I got yelled at at work yesterday for being a bit too detached from the process. I was presented that morning with a list of stuff that needed to get fixed in The Game That Cannot Be Named. Wanting to get outta there early, I got to work on the list right away. I donned my official "do not bother me" headphones and started grinding away on the list. When the technical lead prodded at me with helpful commentary, I grunted and made it clear that I didn't wanna be bothered with commentary, helpful or otherwise. I was then escorted to the front porch and was asked to be "happier".

No, really. Happier. I told him that I was trying to get list done by noon and didn't wanna be bothered. I did get the list done by 2 pm, probably because I was annoyed.

In case you haven't figured it out, I'm the worst friggin' employee anyone could ever hope for. If not for the fact that I can ship games, I'd be fired from every job I've ever had. The entire concept of self-employment was designed with me in mind. Someday I'm going to write up an account of the time I had to intentionally get fired from a job for the sake of a contract and the techniques you can use to get fired if you ever need that to happen to you.

Oh, and somebody's gonna eventually figure out that I'm not actually playing anything on those headphones :)
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I have been told that I have a bad attitude. As it turns out, this means the same thing as "calling it like I see it."

I have also been told that my negative attitude towards life adversely affects my coworkers (and I've seen it actually happen).

This is what I have figured out:

Life is like walking along a sidewalk. Occasionally, you will step into a pile of dogshit. Many people, especially your stereotypical timid engineer types, when you tell them "you just stepped into dogshit" either pretend not to notice or for some reason need to "find the good" in having dogshit on their shoes. "Stepping into dogshit isn't a problem, it is an opportunity to clean your shoes."

Me? I complain that somebody didn't clean up their dogshit.

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